What to Expect

COOS Front Door.jpg

When you visit us on a Sunday morning, you will be greeted at our front door.  As you move into the sanctuary, ushers will welcome you and provide you with a bulletin containing the order of the service and references to the prayer book and hynmal.  The bulletin also has the readings and psalms for the day.  The ushers can help you find a seat if you would like.

Our service generally follows one of several liturgies in the Episcopal Book of Common prayer.  At the 10 am service, we celebrate a choral eucharist (communion), so we sing a number of hymns.  Our congregation is rather independent about whether they stand, sit or kneel for prayer, so do what feels most comfortable for you.  We welcome everyone for communion, or you can chose to have a blessing by crossing your arms across your chest. Members either stand or kneel for communion, based on their preference.  We also bring communion to those who cannot approach the front of the church easily.

One of our congregation's favorite times in the service is the Peace. This is a time to greet everyone and wish them "Peace be with you."  

We hope you will join us and enjoy our warm hospitality.